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Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California is an all volunteer organization supported only by contributions from dog lovers like you. You can shop from the comfort of your home and support these amazing dogs.


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GPASC Rescue is a private rescue and foster care organization, created for the safe haven and permanent placement of homeless Great Pyrenees.

Pyrs are wanderers, a sturdy 6' fence is required so that they cannot dig under or go over.

Pyrs are not an off leash breed, they must be on a leash when out of their secure yard.

Pyrs are territorial, they do not always get along with same gender dogs.

Pyrs are nocturnal and guard by barking, they must be brought inside at night so as to not irritate neighbors.

Pyrs leave white hair everywhere year round.

Pyrs should be obedience trained to fully enjoy them. They are very intelligent and easily bored. No training sessions over 15 minutes of active commands.

Pyrs are a large working breed who do no thrive in apartments or condos, they can become bored and destructive without sufficient outdoor exercise in a secure fenced area.


Featured: TJ Maxx

Foster Families

Will you open your home to these beautiful dogs? We are in need of foster families to help these wonderful animals. Please contact us today!

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TJ Maxx, was rescued from the streets of TJ where his owner dumped him to fend for himself. He is still being treated for pneumonia and tick borne disease (Anaplasmosis), but then will be ready for a new home. According to his foster family, TJ Maxx is a wonderful, gentle boy, who is playful and loves car rides. Throwing his chew toy in the air and catching it, or rolling on his back so you can tickle his feet are great fun for him. Maxx loves walks, hugs and Braunschweiger! . He would do well with other dogs (male or female), cats and kids unknown but suspect with his disposition he would do well with kids over 10 and cats that know dogs.

Please remember to put your pets in your will/living trust.  None of us know when our time will come.  What if the unexpected happens and your pet is left alone and no one you know wants the responsibility of your pet?  What will happen is that your beloved one will be taken to the pound.


Click on TJ Maxx's picture to see his video on KUSI Good Morning San Diego!