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The pictures you see in the center of this page are just a few of the Great Pyrenees at our Rescue who are waiting for their forever homes.  To see more dogs please click on the “AVAILABLE” tab above and you will be taken to another site where you will see all of our adoptable Great Pyrenees. 

If you think you would like to adopt a Pyr please read the characteristics of our breed on this site by clicking the “BREED INFO” tab above.  Once you have decided a Pyr is for you, please click on the “APPLICATION”, fill it out, and send it in.  Upon receipt of your application we will call you to discuss your interest in our breed and arrange for you to visit us.

Want to view some successful adoptions?  Click on “GOING HOME”.  This is what we are all about, one successful adoption at a time! 

If you want to know more about our Rescue, please visit the “ABOUT US” and “NEWS/LINKS/EVENTS ” and finally if you would like to support us in our efforts to save lives and provide forever homes to countless Great Pyrenees please visit our “HOW TO HELP” page.  We are supported only through donations from dog lovers like you.  We have partnered with such organizations as Amazon Smiles and Benefit Wines to name a few, so that your purchase of their products will be a win/win for both you as a consumer, and Great Pyrenees Rescue.   

Of course donations in any amount provide our greatest support and are deeply appreciated.  Your donations can be handled securely through PayPal.

We hope you enjoy our web site, and please return to it again and again as new Pyrs are posted for adoption.

Is this breed for you?  

Pyrs are wanderers--require sturdy 6' fencing that they cannot dig under or go over to contain them. 

Pyrs are not an off-leash breed--must be on a leash when out of their secure yard. 

Pyrs are territorial--do not always get along with same sex dogs. 

Pyrs are nocturnal and guard by barking--must be brought inside at night so as not to irritate neighbors. 

Pyrs leave white hair everywhere year round--car, couch, refrig, flooring, your clothes. 

Pyrs should be obedience trained to fully enjoy them.  They are super intelligent and easily bored--no training session over 15 minutes of active commands.

Pyrs are a large working breed who do not thrive in apartments or condos, they can become bored and destructive without sufficient outdoor exercise in a securely fenced area.



Contact for Shelters

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Tel: 909-887-8201

Our territory for shelters or Pyrs in need is from the Mexican Border to Fresno, the coast up to and including San Luis Obispo, and all of Southern Nevada

See how to sign up for our next event!   O.C. Pet Expo - April 25 - 27, 2014  

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909-887-8201   GPASCRESCUE@AOL.COM

We are Looking for Love

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