Adoption Information

Our adoption process is approx 2 weeks from the time you submit your application to the time you take a dog home so please submit only when you are ready to adopt. We do require an application to schedule a visit.

Once we have your application we contact you to schedule your visit. At your first visit you will meet all of the dogs, we have many so ask that you go home and think about your choices before making your decision. More than one visit is welcome for you to make the right choice. Once you notify us of your decision we take the dog to the vet for an exit exam to assure we are placing a healthy dog current on all vaccines. We groom the dog and you pick him/her up.

If you visit on the weekend your dog will be ready to go home the next weekend fully vetted and groomed. If you have a pet we ask that you bring it so we can do the introductions for you to be sure the dogs will get along.

Our contract contains a return policy which acts as an insurance policy for you and our dog--if you can't or don't want the dog for any reason it must be returned to our rescue. No questions--an unhappy owner makes for an unhappy dog.

We believe So AZ and So NV to be too hot for our breed but do adopt to previous Pyr owners or those with a reasonable environment.